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Losing Hit Points

Lorimer tagged me in to make a cover for their queer, Dungeons & Dragons themed YA Romance Losing Hit Points by Kristopher Mielke. The only requirement was space for their graphics team to add titles that match the rest of the series, so I had creative freedom for all of the figures. As a queer D&D player myself, this was an especially satisfying project.
Each figure and the hands are all separate layers, making reorganization easier for the designer. 

Losing Hit Points_working 02 .jpg
Losing hitpoints mock up.jpg
Losing Hit Points_working 02 .jpg
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Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival

Losing hitpoints mock up.jpg

Losing Hit Points

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Dr Peter Centre: Harm Reduction Workshop


Burger Ambassador:
A Hungry Campaign


Fair Winds and Following Seas

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NCSS Annapolis & UN 17 SDGs


GameKnight Dartmouth

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School Statue Showdown

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Personal Illustration

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