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The Usual [Coming 2023]
Kate Phillips
When an inexperienced barista accidentally starts serving mysterious (and possibly mystical) latte art, their co-workers and customers are bewildered. But it isn't easy becoming a beverage celebrity overnight, and the pressure is on to keep pouring impossibly stunning coffees.  

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Spray Days [2021]
Kate Phillips | Connie Phillips
For Zuppa Theatre and Ecology Action Centre Nova Scotia's 50 Things: A Provincewide Art Adventure.
Spray Days
is a comic collaboration between Kate Phillips and her mother Connie Phillips, exploring lived experiences and history of protests against insecticide and herbicide sprays in Nova Scotia. 


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Spring Cleaning [2020]
Kate Phillips
A brief story about the little people in your garage. 
Read for free here!


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A Brush with Debt [2019]
Kate Phillips
Barbers become bank-robbers in this hair-raising heist story, with dialogue that is exclusively puns and wordplay.


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High Tide [2018]
Kate Phillips
The perils of procrastinating that laundry. 
Read for free here!


"a series of glorious visual metaphors that really hit home the tediousness of housework, but also the relief of finally taming those jobs you never want to do" - Alex Thomas, PipeDream Comics

As discussed in Sequential Magazine #6 Spring 2020

The Usual
Spray Days
Sprin Cleaning
Brush with Debt


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