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Dartmouth Comic Arts Fest

Dartmouth's unofficial mascots, the Sullivan's Pond geese, make their way down to Alderney Landing for DCAF 2024, a free, all-ages event celebrating the comic arts scene. This annual event is one of the most inclusive and fun comic spaces that we've got here in Nova Scotia, so for the promotional art, I wanted to embrace that inclusivity as well as the community atmosphere. 

DCAF_2024 Graphic Poster.png

Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival

Losing hitpoints mock up.jpg

Losing Hit Points

eddie colour 04.jpg

Dr Peter Centre: Harm Reduction Workshop


Burger Ambassador:
A Hungry Campaign


Fair Winds and Following Seas

infra 04.jpg

NCSS Annapolis & UN 17 SDGs


GameKnight Dartmouth

knowledge transfer handouts for conference event.jpg


School Statue Showdown Mokup.jpg

School Statue Showdown

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Children's Books 
& Education Media


Comics Books 
& Graphic Novels

Mushrooms and Toad.jpg

Personal Illustration

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