Branding, Advertising Campaign, and  Data Presentation

The HIV, Health, and interaction study

The HIV, Health, and Interaction Study (H2I Study) focuses on interactions of HIV-positive participants through conversation analysis, and I wanted to reference these things within the logo while avoiding the heavy-handed red-ribbon aesthetic many HIV related organizations use. The end result was a clean speech-bubble motif with a subtle red-ribbon inside, accompanied by approachable hand-drawn graphics


This ongoing project includes two phases:
1. Brand development (including posters, handouts, website material and recruitment material)

2. The subsequent presentation of the collected data.

Title / 

The HIV, Health, and Interaction study

Client / 

The H2I team

(Wilfrid Laurier University),
Waterloo ON


Work / 

Graphic design/print media
Infographic data presentation


Year / 

2018- present (ongoing)